Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Spray: Review

Hello, Everyone!

It's so nice and sunny here and I hope it is where you are from too!

Because it's so nice outside today, I thought I would share my thoughts on the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Spray!

I found this at Target for around 5 dollars.

What I do:

I basically spray it on air-dried hair and tousle it a bit with my fingers. (you can also spray on damp hair as well) This makes it look very beachy, but if I want more definition, sometimes I put a few defined waves in it with a curling iron.  I'll show you both looks!

What I like:
  • Inexpensive
  • Adds texture without totally drying out my hair
  • It makes my hair smell tropical
  • Truly looks like I just came from the beach
What I don't like:
  • Is it just me or is the Not Your Mother's brand hard to find?

Today with just air-dried hair and Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray

(When I was reporting) Air-dried with Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray and Defined Waves with a curling iron. 

I recommend this stuff completely.  It's inexpensive and doesn't dry out my hair while still creating that "beach-like" texture!  Just in time for the summer months!


Do you have any beach sprays I should try? 

XOXO Mandy 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Favorites!!

Hi All!!

I can't believe March has already come and gone which means 4 more weeks until I am done at college.... I don't know whether to be scared or excited.... both maybe?

Anyways, the end of March means MARCH FAVORITES!

I love "favorites" posts because I love to know what others have been loving over the course of the month!

My Favorites for this month:

  • Elf Powder Brush: This brush is one of my favorites if not my absolute favorite brush to apply liquid foundation.  It's a flat-top kabuki brush that really buffs in my liquid foundation quite nicely! My foundation looks *flawless* when I use this brush.  AND, it's a mere 3 bucks.  3 BUCKS?!  If you haven't tried it, you better run to Target and pick this one up!
  • Jordana Fabuliner: This stuff is great, it's so easy to work with because it's in "pen" form. I have been loving the winged-liner look lately and this is perfect to achieve this specific look! It's also only 3 dollars at Walgreens! Total beauty steal! To see my Lauren Conrad inspired look click this link!
  • Benefit Watt's Up: I love this highlighter so much! It's the perfect champagne-gold color that just lights up my face! I like to use it on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and the cupid's bow! I also like to set it with Wet 'N' Wild's Reserve my Cabana Coloricon Bronzer.  It adds the perfect glow to my face.
  • Mac Naked Lunch Eyeshadow: Like I said earlier, I have been loving the winged-liner look, in which I love to pair it with a very natural eye.  I have been loving Mac's Naked Lunch for this.  It's a champagne-pink color that makes it look like the "my eyes but better" look.  So, it's the perfect pair to my winged-liner love affair. 
  • Benefit Coralista: This blush is perfect for the spring and summer months.  It adds a pop of coral to my cheeks! I look super glowy when I am wearing this blush! It adds the perfect coral sheen to my cheeks and really is perfect for these warmer months, Not to mention the uber cute packaging! ;)
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Honey: I think I'm the last person on Earth to try these babies out and I have no idea why.  But, I am so glad I finally picked some up! I absolutely love the shade honey.  It starts off as a my lips but better shade and the stain leaves a slightly brighter pink shade on me.  I absolutely am in LOVE with this specific lip product!
  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge: This is the perfect drugstore concealer! I love it so much because it covers my breakouts and scarring perfectly and it is only 6 dollars at Walmart.  It definitely reminds me of the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer and honestly, I find myself reaching for Glamoflauge much more!
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Normal/Dry: I know many people love and swear by this foundation in the Oily/Combo formula, but I urge you to try this formulation as well! I like it much better than the one for Oily skin! It applies much better and sets better on my skin! I am absolutely loving this foundation!


What are your favorites for the month?  


XOXO Mandy 

Easter Weekend Haul

Hello Everyone!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend whether you celebrate Easter or not!

I have a *very* small haul from this weekend and I thought I'd share because I LOVE seeing what others are buying!

So, let us begin!

  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Light

  • Aruba Coconut Lotion
  • Beautiful Day Lotion
  • Be Enchanted Travel Lotion

  • Milani Brow Fix in Light 
  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Nude Creme

  •  Wet 'N' Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine
  • Not Your Mother's  Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
  • Maybelline Instant Age-Rewind in Radiant 
  • Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel (Primer)

Like I said, I love hauls and I hope you enjoyed mine!

Let me know if you'd like in-depth reviews on any of these products!!


What have you bought lately?

XOXO Mandy

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lauren Conrad Inspired Eye Look: Tutorial

Hey, Everyone!!

It's almost Friday and that's something to be excited about!

I wanted to do a quick tutorial on a Lauren Conrad eye look.

I love her simple makeup with a black-winged liner.

I've read on different forums saying she doesn't like to use eyeshadow much, but without it I feel naked. So, I used natural colored eyeshadows for this look but still very simple!

Hope you like it!

What I used:
  • Mac Painterly Paint Pot
  • Mac Naked Lunch (Lid)
  • Wet 'N Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine Palette 6th shade; the orange-toned brown (Crease)
  • Mac Dazzlelight (Browbone)
  • Jordana Fabuliner 
  • L'Oreal Full-definition Mascara
I read that her favorite blush to use is NARS Luster, but I am too fair at the moment to pull that off, so I just used Benefit Coralista on my cheeks!

Are you a fan of Lauren Conrad's makeup?

XOXO Mandy

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Self Tanning Routine and Favorite Products

Hey, Everyone!

I've been getting some requests to do a self-tanning post and I thought; what better time to do a post about self tanning than after this spring snowstorm?! That's right, there is no better time!

Being very light-skinned and blonde, I like to have a good tan so I'm not totally washed out!

What I do:

First, I use a homemade scrub to exfoliate my skin in preparation for self-tanning!

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • Olive Oil (measure to preference)

Awwww isn't that cute?

I then use the Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid.  I LOVE this stuff, it's so simple and quick to use and gives me a natural looking tan! 

Just spray different sections of your body and blend in circular motions with the glove. I'd advise you to use the rubber gloves provided as well so it doesn't have any chance to turn your hands orange! 

  • Natural-looking tan
  • No stinky self-tanner smell
  • Dries super quick
  • Fades naturally
  • Easy to use
  • Semi-expensive ($25+)

I totally love this stuff and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a easy to use, natural self-tanner!

For upkeep on my tan, I use the Malibu Hemp Golden Glow Bronzing Moisturizer from Wal-mart! It's like 5 bucks and amazing!  It doesn't smell gross like normal gradual tanners (cough cough Jergens) it smells tropical! It's the perfect upkeep to my tan! Highly recommend!

I love all of these products and I highly recommend trying them all! Amazing products in my opinion!


 What is your self-tan routine or are you all natural?

XOXO Mandy 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Say What? A Toothpaste Review?

Hi, All!!

This may seem weird, but I wanted to do a review on a recent toothpaste I have picked up.

I know what you're thinking, toothpaste? Um.....

But, just hear me out!

I have a semi-hard time keeping my teeth white because I actually have a fake front tooth.  (hahahahahaha) So, I have to be careful using whitening products because my fake tooth can't whiten (Crest and other whitening brands specifically say it won't whiten crowns on the box) ...which sucks because I am obsessed with perfect white teeth....

I was browsing the "teeth whitening section" at Ulta about a month ago and saw the Supersmile toothpaste and became interested. While reading the back of the box, it said it will restore the original whiteness in crowns! I got my fake tooth about 6 or 7 years ago so I'm SURE it's not its original whiteness....

So, I bought it.

I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I notice an amazing difference in my teeth!! I actually had people comment on my teeth looking whiter! AND, it was a boy who mentioned it...So, you know it has to be drastic!  Score!! 

It's the perfect whitener, or upkeep whitening toothpaste I have ever tried! You MUST try it!

There are a few cons:
  • It is pricey for a toothpaste, I paid around 25 dollars for it
  • You have to use a *dry* toothbrush and I can easily forget and run my toothbrush under the water
  • Not as *minty* as other drugstore toothpastes

Long review for toothpaste, but I CAN'T recommend this product enough!! It is AMAZING!!


Do you use any products to keep your teeth white?

XOXO Mandy 

Glowy, Flawless Face!

Hey, Everyone!!

In my early days of wearing makeup, I always wanted a completely matte foundation look.  (Think Carrie Underwood style) I wanted a completely *flawless* full-cover look.

Recently, I have really been loving Lauren Conrad's makeup look and that of the Victoria's Secret models which obviously complete opposite of matte.  Think glowy and fresh!!

(Excuse the towel turban, I was in the process of getting ready) 

The products I use to complete the foundation look are as follows:

  • Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel
  • Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation 
  • Glamouflauge Concealor
  • Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealor
  • Revlon Nearly Naked Powder (Just on T-Zone)
  • Nars Laguna Bronzer
  • Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter (On cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and cupid's bow)
  • Wet 'N' Wild Reserve Your Cabana (to set highlighter)

(Also, excuse the awesome pose I am doing in this, I was off to a photoshoot and sent a picture like this to my boyfriend, loser I know)


This creates a very dewy, sunkissed, and fresh look!! I am totally loving wearing my makeup like this lately!!


Do you like dewy makeup or a matte flawless look?


XOXO Mandy